The Salons in Nairobi That Ladies With Natural Hair Will Love

Kenyan Ladies Are Riding The Natural Hairstyles Wave and Rocking It
November 9, 2016
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November 11, 2016

The Salons in Nairobi That Ladies With Natural Hair Will Love

Image of a poster for salons in Nairobi that deal with Natural hair

This week on Yululate, we are all about that natural hair life. On our previous post we mentioned that Kenyan ladies are embracing the natural hairstyle trend and they are rocking it! We checked out some photos on how you can wear your natural hair stylishly and we mentioned that we would be listing some salons in Nairobi that will help you take care of you natural hair.

Anyone who has decide to ‘go natural,’ can tell you how hard the maintenance is. Because it hasn’t always been popular, finding a salons in Nairobi that will style your natural hair can be hard. I know some of you have gone the self-maintenance way and just style and take care of your hair yourself at home. But sometimes you just need a professional , you know what we mean?

That said here’s a list of salons in Nairobi that will cater to your natural hair needs. We’ve listed most of them on our website, so you can check them out, read their reviews and get more details.

Urban Hair Studio

Urban Hair studio is a full-service beauty salon dedicated to providing a high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent services. They are also one of the salons in Nairobi famed for their awesome techniques with natural hair and short hair. Saul Juma aka @the_hairdresser254,  who’s popular on social media for his creative ladies haircuts works at the salon. They have raving reviews on their Yululate profile, check them out.

Image of a woman spotting a natural ahirstyle at one of the salons in Nairobi that deal with natural hair

This could be you…., but you aren’t visiting Saul Juma of Urban Hair. (Image Credit- Saul Juma)

Aristocuts Beauty Salon

Aristocuts Beauty Salon is a world class salon and barbershop. It is located in Hurlingham. They have  professional staff that offer extraordinary services. Among those services are natural hair cutting, treatment and cutting. It’s one of the salons in Nairobi we would definitely recommend.

Image of the interior of Aristocuts Beauty Salon, one of the best salons in Nairobi dealing with natural hair

Aristocuts Beauty Salon…very classy

Roots Salon

Roots Salon, located on Nanak House along Kimathi Street is one of the most popular salons in Nairobi. As the name suggests they deal with dreadlocks but they also do natural hair. They won an award for best salon for dreadlocks and natural hair in a recent My Natural Hair Kenya Awards Ceremony. Check out their facebook page for more information.

Image of employees working at The Roots Salon in Nairobi

Check out Roots Salon for all you natural hair needs.(Image Credit-

Amadiva Beauty Salon

Amadiva Beauty Salon has many natural hair stylists in their employ. They are located in 14 Riverside. Check them out and let us know what you think about their services by reviewing them on Yululate.

Afro Siri Salon

You cannot speak of salons in Nairobi that take care of natural hair without mentioning Afro Siri. This Westlands based salon is the home of trendy fashionable hair plus beauty services and products. They guarantee their customers top notch services and professional and reliable advice to help you reach your hair and beauty goals.

Image of a cartoon woman with a huge Afro. Afri Siri is a Naiorbi salon that deals with natural hair

If you love your afro, you need to check out Afro Siri. (Image Credit-Afro Siri)

READ: Kenyan Ladies Are Riding The Natural Hairstyles Wave and Rocking It

Any suggestions of salons in Nairobi that deal with natural hair? Let us know in the comments below. You can also discover world class salons near you by searching for them by location on our website.


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