The Top Natural Hair Products Available In Kenya For Natural Hair Enthusiasts

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November 10, 2016
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November 15, 2016

The Top Natural Hair Products Available In Kenya For Natural Hair Enthusiasts

Image of natural hair products and skin care products made by Keyara Organics

Our week on Yululate has been about natural hair so obviously we have to talk about natural hair products available in Kenya. First though lets recap our week.

On our first post this week, we talked about how Kenyan women are embracing the natural hairstyle trends. In that post we checked out over photos of some beautiful Kenyan ladies and how they are stylishly wearing their natural hair. On the second post, we talked about the salons that deal with natural hair. We listed the top salons  in Nairobi and mentioned why they are favorites of ‘natural-sistas’ in town.

Now we want to talk about natural hair products specifically made for ladies with natural hair available in Kenya.

Marini Naturals

Image of natural hair products from Marini Naturals

Image Credit- Marini Naturals

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know Marini Naturals. They are a new line of natural hair products launched early this year. They pride themselves in being Kenya’s first natural haircare line and the proud maker of Kenya’s first sulfate-free shampoo. Not only is the line formulated specifically for Afro-textured hair (rather than curly hair like most natural hair products), but it is made with 100% organic ingredients. If we weren’t convinced about Marini, the large number of Kenyan hair bloggers raving about it sure has us convinced. They sell everything from potent hair growth oil, curling gel and butter and even conditioner. Check out their Facebook page for details on where to buy their products.

Keyara Organics

Keyara Organics is the brain child of popular Tv Presenter TerryAnne Chebet. She started the company from the need to find safe skin care products for her daughter who had eczema. They have since evolved to become one of the most popular line of natural hair products and skin care products.

Image of natural hair products and skin care products made by Keyara Organics

Image Credit- Keyara Organics

Their array of products embody the best from across the African continent, from the pure Argan oil of Morocco, Marula oil from South Africa, Cocoa Butter from Ghana, Shea Butter from Uganda, Coconut oil from Kenya among other premium oils and butters. Natural-sistas let us know if you’ve tried Keyara by reviewing their products and services on Yululate.

Harvest of Sunshine

Harvest of Sunshine is a natural hair products and skin products line started by Kenyan entrepreneur Mumbi Muturi-Muli. She says she was driven to start Harvest of Sunshine by the natural hair movement that was also driving women’s need to use ‘good’ ingredients on their bodies and hair. Most of their products are for hair and skin.

Image of hair and skin care products from Harvest of Sunshine

Image Credit- Harvest of Sunshine


AfroliciousKe carry a wide range of natural hair products as well as skin care products. Customers rave about their organic natural oils and butters. Let us know on the comments section below if you know of them or their products.

Image of AfroliciousKe hair products

Image Credit- AfroliciousKe


We know, we know, this is a food product line but they’ve got something we know all natural-sistas want to get their hands on…Kentaste Coconut Oil. Chances are someone has told you about this or you’ve seen the many online posts about this ‘magical’ product. It’s good for cooking, your skin and more importantly your natural hair. Now you see why we had to include them on this list of natural hair products?

Image of Kentaste coconut oil in jars. It's sometimes used for natural hair care

Do you know of any other natural hair products not included above. Enlighten us in the comments section below. Subscribe to our blog and get notified every time we post articles.

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