International Men’s Day Should Be Pamper Day Right?

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Yeah, International Men’s Day Is A Thing
November 15, 2016
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November 22, 2016

International Men’s Day Should Be Pamper Day Right?

Image of a man on a spa table at Aromatics Spa in Naiorbi

Like we mentioned on our previous post, at Yuluate we are marking International Men’s Day by celebrating Kenyan men.  One of the ways we are doing it is by giving the women and men gift ideas to mark the day.

READ: Yeah, International Men’s Day Is A Thing

If you are waiting for us to suggest ideas such us dinner at Nairobi’s top restaurants and hotels, or watches and belts from the top gift shops, you will be disappointed. We thought we’d suggest something most people wouldn’t think to gift a man. Something totally different. A Spa gift!

Image of a man smiling while being massaged at a spa

A pampered man is a happy man…………

Hear us out. Because spas are associated with pampering and beauty products, most people wouldn’t think to get a man a spa session. The reality is spas are linked to healthiness and men, just like women, could benefit from spa sessions once in a while. Even if you think a spa session equal pampering, what’s wrong with a man getting pampered?

Spa sessions play an important role in the physical well-being and finding inner peace. It’s for this reason that we suggest you gift a man a spa session. Make International Men’s Day Pamper Day for the men in your life. Let’s introduce you to the top spas in Nairobi. These places offer top notch services. We guarantee the men will be feeling relaxed after a session here.

Aromatics Spa

Aromatics Spa’s tranquil, meditative setting allows you to journey towards well-being and relaxation. Gentle music and low lighting and herbal tea infusions allow your mind to float. The serenity help you rest, relax and rejuvenate. Definitely something a man would like. They are located in Lavington. Check out their Yululate Profile for more information.

Elixir Spa

Image of hot rocks used in the spa. Gift men a sap session to celebrate International Men's Day

This haven of relaxation is located at Jaydon Link Site on Karen-Lang’ata Road. They will pamper you so much, you won’t want to leave. They also boas of affordable prices. We have photos of the place on their profile.

Wild Earth Day Spa

Wild Earth Day Spa is not only uniquely name, they also have a unique concept in spa and relaxation. The man in your life can get pampered with a massage, body scrub, manicure and pedicure in this swanky spot. They are located at the Oval building  in Westlands.

Nothing Like It Spa

The folks at Nothing Like It Spa claim to dare to do what they believe in rather than conforming to the mainstream. One could argue that gifting a man a spa session is radical :). If you agree then this is among the best spas in Nairobi men could enjoy. Its located in Karen. According to the spa, the rituals they provide are a thoughtful balance of well-being and style, environmental responsibility and ethics with a hint of decadence. Sounds great right? Tell us what you think of this place by reviewing it on Yululate.

Image of a woman's feet being cleaned and massaged at a spa.Men could also benefit from a spa session once in a while

We have listed many more spas in and around Nairobi on our website. Discover them by searching by location. You can also read customer reviews before you make your decision. Ready to make International Men’s Day Pamper Day for the men in your life? Leave us your comments below and let us know what other gifts you would suggest.

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