Fun Activities For Children in Nairobi to Enjoy During The Holiday

December holiday is coming along great but if your kids haven’t started sulking at the thought of having so much idle time on their hands, give it time. Any minute now. Obviously the holiday  is a long one and they  are itchingfor the chance to do a lot of fun stuff. At Yululate we want the kids to have fun. This week, we are listing some suggestions of some fun activities for children in Nairobi they can enjoy.

This coming weekend, treat them by taking them to these fun places in Nairobi.

Splash Waterworld

Splash Waterworld is a water park is located along Lang’ata Road. It is awesome because it has a variety of activities for children in Nairobi that are fun and engaging.

Image of the swimming pools at the Splash Waterworld

If they love swimming, this is the place to take them. There is a baby pool, where toddlers and other younger ones can have a dip in the water under close supervision of an adult and lifeguard. They can also ride around in quad bikes and jump around in the trampolines and bouncing castles. Have a look at photos of the grounds here.

Jolly Roger Theme Park

Image of a bouncing castle at the Jolly Roger Theme Park. This is among the best activities for children in Nairobi

This Karen based theme park boasts as the place to find exciting activities for children in Nairobi. With the property sitting on 5 acres of enclosed lawns, it is the perfect place for them to run around in. The place has several bouncy castles for the children. There is also a restaurant that has a wide variety of foods on their menu so your kids will have options.

Boat Riding At Uhuru Park

Image of a family on a boat ride at Uhuru Park. This is oneof the fun activities for children in Nairobi

If you live in Kenya, you must have been to Uhuru Park at least once in your life. It’s a popular place to take the kids especially during the weekends. They will especially enjoy the boat rides and of course the merry-go-rounds. Part of the reason it’s among popular places with activities for children in Nairobi is because it’s an affordable option. So if you are worried about the cost, take them here. Check out reviews of the park on their Yululate profile.

Horseback Riding

Image of a child on horseback at Herisquare Lounge. It is among the best places to get activities for children in Nairobi

Horseback riding can be very exciting, especially for children who love adventure. It’s among the activities for children in Nairobi we are suggesting you let your kids try. Where does one go horseback riding in Nairobi? How about Karura Forest? It is arguably one of the loveliest places to visit in Nairobi. The serene, calm environment provides visitors with a relaxed atmosphere. They also organize horseback riding through the forest for any level of riders. It doesn’t matter if they are new to riding, your kids will have a guide to show them the basics. Herisquare Lounge also have horses and children can ride around on them.

Go Karting

Image of children at a go karting race track. This is among the best activities for children in Nairobi

Go Karting is a wholesome activity that the whole family can enjoy. The children will particularly love the thrill of speed (in a safe environment). On Carnivore Road, there’s a go karting track and they provide you with a helmet, a racing suit and most importantly, a full driver’s briefing to get the kids ready before going – fast! You can enjoy a great food and drink at their Sports Bar and Restaurant as the children race. Reviewers in our website agree that it’s among the top fun activities for children in Nairobi.

Paint Ball Shooting

Another fun activity for children is paint ball. They can use all that pent up energy by running around at the paint ball furry in Nairobi Show Grounds. They have a large space, dense tree cover and a variety of obstacles to hide behind.


For this you can take your kids to Agha Khan walk in downtown Nairobi for roller blade skating or to Panari Ice Skating Rink for ice skating. These are awesome activities for children in Nairobi that are not only fun but provide them with a chance to learn new skills. In both places you can rent skates.

Image of children skating at the Agha Khan Walk in Nairobi. Skating is among the fun activities for children in Nairobi

If  you are not impressed by the above, you can always find many more activities for children in Nairobi by searching on Yululate. You can also read reviews of the activities on the website before deciding on what you want to do. Recommend other family friendly activities that the kids will particularly love in the comments section below.


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