Yululate Can Help With Your Social Media Management

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November 25, 2016

Yululate Can Help With Your Social Media Management

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In the business realm, digital technology has impacted every step of the entire value chain from sourcing to consumption. One of the most important aspect of digital technology is the use of social  media in marketing. The Internet is now a medium of choice for Kenyans who have integrated digital media in every facet of their lives; how they shop, work and socialize. As a result, businesses are embracing the digital revolution.

Social media has transformed the way people do business. Having a strong social media presence ensures that your customers and potential customers can see you. It’s a way to create awareness for your brand and acts as a direct communication channel between you and your customers.


Social Media Management Can Be Challenging

Despite its importance, social media isn’t as simple to integrate into a business as many would like.

It’s about more than just posting a tweet, Facebook or Instagram post. For it to be effective, you need a  well-defined strategy, interesting content, great images, report analytics, consistency etc. It can be challenging and overwhelming. Big brands, because of the resources they have, are more equipped to master the use of social media in their business. The small and medium sized businesses however tend to struggle. Most of these businesses do not have the funds, man power and time to manage it. In the end, they don’t have any tangible results on their efforts on social media.

Yululate Now Manages Social Media For SME’s


At Yululate we understand the importance of having a great social media presence. We also understand that because of challenges mentioned above, some SME’s might have great products and services but customers don’t know about them because they aren’t on social media. It’s with this in mind that we have included social media management as part of our company function.

Alongside performing SEO services for companies listed on our website, we will now help you with your social media management. Some of our services will include:

  • Creating a SM strategy.
  • Coming up with a SM and blog calendar.
  • Creating and posting content on SM and company blogs.
  • Holding twitter chats and responding to inquiries on SM.
  • Creating and sending out newsletter content.
  • Creating SM campaigns.
  • Creating images for SM and blog use.
  • Events coverage.

The above services are listed on different packages ranging in price. If you are interested you can write us an email on info@yululate.com.

Zeddy Kosgei
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