April 29, 2016
Image of guests at Yululate Tasting Party

Yululate Events: Food Tasting Party, Online Menus & Jazz

Good food, drinks, awesome music and great company makes for a fun night and some very happy people, we found out on Thursday. Trust us, our […]
April 6, 2016
image of a Nairobi restaurant menu now available on

Browse Through Menus of Nairobi Restaurants on

Our goal has always been to make your experiences as a consumer convenient and easy.  We act as a directory so you can search and find […]
March 4, 2016
Image of red peppers spelling out HOT

For The Love of Spicy Food, Why You Should Be Eating It

I have never been a fan of spicy food. And this is not to say that I completely hate it. If I must have it, I […]
November 24, 2015

Kanyiva’s Favorite Restaurants In Nairobi

Hey foodies around the world ! I will be sharing my favorite things from time to time so you could get to know me a little […]